Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Our funny little Caleb always makes us laugh


Kirsten and Arianne

what a cutie!

Monday, August 13, 2007

Eliisha and her doll, my dad wanted to make sure no one thought it was a baby, not sure how you can confuse a doll for a real baby but he is old so give him a break.

Field Forum

Now for some field forum pictures, actually i need to get going so I will put some more pictures on of Field Forum later.

Micah also seems to hide when it comes to pictures but we managed to get him in a few this summer.

This is one of the few pictures that mom is in too...


It was hard to find a picture of Eliisha! she hides whenever we take them.


The littlest members or the Ens family

more new pictures


New Pictures

I Ihave been chosen to update the blog since my mom and dad are too busy (I being Kirsten) and since I decided my own blog was a waste of time I agreed to update my parents blog. I am not exactly sure what everyone wants to see but i am just putting a bunch of random pictures on. Have fun looking at the new pictures! these first ones are of our vacations in Texas.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Short Mom, Tall Daughter

I don't think this one needs any explanation. Kirsten really is that tall and I really am that short!

The Dog

Caleb and Kiana

Caleb started Kindergarten this year and is loving it. He has lots of new friends and seems to be doing alright with the long taxi ride and day. He often sleeps in the taxi on the way home from school, but as long as it's just a short one he can still get to bed on time. He's a pretty fun little guy to have around. Kiana is a fireball and she keeps me running for a good part of the day. She's got some of the funniest expressions, and it's obvious that she's a pretty smart little girl.


For some reason Arianne seems to get in all of the pictures. It wasn't hard to find a few of her. She's loving school this year again, as she always does. She just loves life.


Eliisha was probably the happiest to have her older siblings home for the summer, as that meant she was no longer the oldest kid and could sit back and let Kirsten and Micah do the running around for her parents. She is also the one who misses them the most when they are gone, but she seemed to bounce back much more quickly this year when they left.


We were really impressed with how much Kirsten and Micah had matured over the year and how much they had missed their siblings. It was nice to see them all together and enjoying one another's company for most of the summer.


When Micah returned home for the summer I was surprised at how he had changed. Of course, letting his hair grow out certainly did something to his appearance, but the first thing I noticed was that he is starting to look like a man instead of a little boy. He was pretty proud of his new in style glasses that he got while he was home. It took us awhile to get used to them as they didn't have the same thin lenses that his other ones had, but he liked them so that's what counts.

Another picture of Kirsten with her baby doll.

Kirsten Celebrates a Birthday

Before Kirsten and Micah went back to Quito we celebrated Kirsten's birthday. We tried to make it fun for her because we had bought her a horse last year that we said had to be for Christmas, birthdays and everything else in between, so she wasn't supposed to be getting anything else...but how cruel is that? The horse was cheap, but it was still more than we normally pay for a birthday present. I have been working on making dolls for the girls for their birthdays this year. Not just ordinary dolls, but ones that are supposed to look like real babies. I had made one for Eliisha but ended up taking her apart and doing her again. But Kirsten's turned out pretty good and I just need to finish her hair (that's why she is wearing a cap).

What's New in Mexico?

I tried to post a few months ago but wasn't able to put any pictures on, and I haven't tried since then. I'll give it another shot. The last picture posted was one of our beautiful green kitchen that has since been painted white and looks much better. I don't have a picture yet, but I will put one on some day. I'm going to just put on a few pictures of random things that you might be interested in seeing. The fist one is a picture of Kiana celebrating her "Happy No Diaper Day". We thought she would think it was funny, but she actually cried when she saw the cupcake with a candle on it. Birthdays are just too few and far between when you're only two!

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

We're Getting Ready to Move

On June 9th we will be moving out of our beloved house that we have lived in for only a year, and moving into another house that we found about 5 minutes from here. It is a nice house, but when you feel at home and comfy where you are it's hard to get used to the idea of starting to make a house a home again. It was hard to get any pictures that really show anything of the new house, but at least I can show you the green kitchen. Fortunately the owners have given us premission to paint, and I have started to paint the cupboards white. They will look great.

Kiana turns 2!

On May 13th Kiana celebrated her 2nd birthday complete with chicky and sunshine cupcakes and presents. She loved the doll stroller that we gave her most of all, as her favorite thing these days is her doll.

Kiana had fun opening her presents, but we got the impression that she didn't have the slightest clue why any of this was happening.

We didn't do anything exciting for Kiana's birthday because we were in the midst of a terribly busy week, but I did make special cupcakes for her. She was actually scared of the little chicks.

The baby of the family is not a baby anymore.

Again we celebrated with our missionary Aunties on the day of her birthday, but also for the first time in a long time Arianne got to invite some friends over for a sleepover. Birthday's are always fun!

We can get Dairy Queen cakes in Mexico! It was pretty exciting for us to arrive back in Mexico two years ago and find that Dairy Queen now sold cakes. We enjoyed them so much in Canada and were not looking forward to four years without DQ cakes for birthdays.

Roller skates.

Arriane got some roller shoes (bought in Thailand) and has enjoyed them quite a bit. Her favorite gift was a porcelain doll.

Everyone enjoys a birthday party!

The best part about birthdays is opening the presents. He loved the bubbles the best, and was the most disappointed that he didn't get roller skates. We looked for them everywhere, but here it seems that if it's not Christmas time there's not a great selection of toys.

Caleb at the children's city.

Caleb's has his birthday cake, shared with his family and the missionary "aunties". This year's theme was Spiderman, probably due to the fact that we had brought him a spiderman costume from Thailand and he wears it as often as he can.

Birthday, Birthday, Birthday

It's been awhile since I put anything on here, but it's not that nothing has been going on. The past few months we've celebrated three birthdays in our family and we'll have another one next week. On March 28th Caleb turned 5. It's hard to believe! Dad took him to a park/farm/kids city for his birthday while the girls were in school. He loved it. Caleb picked McDonalds for his birthday meal (gag).

Monday, April 10, 2006

Day at the Beach

Even though our hotel was right on the beach we were so busy in meetings that we couldn't enjoy it. We did get one day to take an outing in the area, and we chose that day to go to a little island with a nice beach where we had good fellowship and a bit of a swim.

Day at the Beach

Even though our hotel was right on the beach we were so busy in meetings that we couldn't enjoy it. We did get one day to take an outing in the area, and we chose that day to go to a little island with a nice beach where we had good fellowship and a bit of a swim.